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  • Helping teachers encourage female learners into STEM December 10, 2018
    Ellie Bennett is a civil engineering lecturer at Stephenson College and part-time architectural designer. Find out why she believes teachers need to promote female ambassadors in STEM before learners reach further education, and how improving self-efficacy in the classroom, and at home, is key to encouraging girls into STEM careers. I remember the exact moment […]
    Julia Faulks
  • The DfE funded Side by Side course, teaching the FE Sector about Prevent duty, Extremism and Radicalism, explained December 3, 2018
    In this blog, ETF’s Selina Stewart and Pete Munday explain how the Side by Side modules are supporting providers with a resource which improves learners understanding of the dangers of radicalisation. Selina Stewart Pete Munday Our roles at the Education and Training Foundation involve supporting providers with their Prevent duty including updating the Prevent for […]
    Ed Smith
  • Part two: Putting neurodiversity at the heart of our approach to SEND November 26, 2018
    In the second part of his blog series on neurodiversity, Simon Beer, Head of Service for Haringey Adult Learning Service, explains why a strengths-based approach is not a tool to label individuals, but is about valuing learners equally.  Neurodiversity is an idea that emerged in the 1990’s which asserts that atypical (neurodivergent) neurological development is […]
    Julia Faulks
  • Supporting SEND learners by taking a neurodiversity approach October 25, 2018
    Simon Beer, Head of Service for Haringey Adult Learning Service, explains why he believes in the value of taking a strengths-based approach in the classroom to support SEND learners and why he is heartened by the attitudinal shift of employers in the fight to challenge stigma in the workplace. Haringey Adult Learning Service (HALS) is a […]
    Julia Faulks
  • From Forces to Further Forces, through Further Education October 16, 2018
    Campbell Christie CBE shares his journey from biology teacher, through a career in the Royal Navy and service as CEO and Principal of Bracknell and Wokingham College, to ETF Associate and ambassador for the Further Forces Programme.  I trained originally as a Biology teacher and then taught in a secondary school for three years, before […]
    John Hilsdon


  • Breaking down barriers to create an agile and productive workforce December 12, 2018
    Chief Executive of Progress to Excellence Ltd, Damian Burdin, urges employers to embrace apprenticeships - along with the Apprenticeship Levy - as a means of breaking down barriers to create an agile workforce: A BELIEF in the apprenticeship system to deliver the expertise to eliminate skills shortages is now crucial to increase the country’s productivity […]
  • Do we give enough attention in class to HOW our learners think? December 12, 2018
    HOW DO YOU THINK? Yes, you read that right: Not ‘what do you think?’, but how? Do we give enough attention in class to how our learners think? Do we give any guidance, so that (stay with me) we help learners to think about their thinking? In my view, most of our interpretive frame is formed […]
  • Everybody should have access to GREAT Employment support #ERSAConf18 December 11, 2018
    Shadow Minister Mike Amesbury’s speech from the ERSA Annual Conference last Wednesday (5 December): Thank you for inviting me today. 4 and a half months in, I’m quickly approaching the point where I can no longer claim to be the new Shadow Employment Minister. But, 4 months feels like a long time in politics at […]
  • Alexa, how can I educate my students about online safety this Christmas? December 11, 2018
    Cyber Discovery is a free, extra-curricular programme, delivered by SANS Institute for the UK Government, that is open to students aged 14-18 across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It uses games, challenges and role playing to teach the basics of cybersecurity in a safe and fun setting. By encouraging students to think about cybersecurity early, the […]
  • Technology should be used to make processes efficient and life easier for all involved December 11, 2018
    Spending your time running around chasing parents to pay transport invoices, or making last minute bookings and then scrambling to tell the drivers? For many schools this sounds familiar, however it doesn’t have to be the case, especially in turbulent times of budget cuts and lack of funding. Your management team may not have been […]

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