Register of Nominees and Quality Managers

What is the Register of Nominees and Quality Managers?
Why should I enrol?

Fin’s Register of Nominees and Quality Managers is a forum for fin to engage and communicate with further education provider’s with the aim of building a community of inspection nominees and quality managers nationwide.

We are inviting every further education provider in England who comes under the external scrutiny of Ofsted, to enrol their organisation and appointed inspection nominee and quality managers, and be part of this new forward-thinking forum.   

Enrolling on the register is completely free of charge.

Most recently, our Nominees and Quality Managers on the Register, had the opportunity to attend an exclusive OFSTED briefing with Paul Cocker, HMI, National Lead for Apprenticeships, and also a webinar to support inspection preparation Dr Chris Jones, former Ofsted HMI and Specialist Advisor for Apprenticeships – COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. 

Registered nominees and quality managers will:

  • have the opportunity to be fully involved and represented in quality and inspection related research gathering thoughts, opinions and experiences – ensuring your voice is heard. We will use the outputs from this research to identify trends and form sector wide opinions that can be shared across the sector and with authorities such as Ofsted.  We are very keen to ensure all types of provider are fully represented regardless of type of provision, location, size or income.
  • receive invitations to attend briefing delivered by OFSTED online. 
  • be kept informed of training programmes, networking opportunities, CPD and essential other inspection related updates.

We encourage ALL education providers to enrol, with nothing to lose
and lots to gain. 

Members of the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees, as well as accessing all our fantastic resources, training and networking events, have automatic registration to this new forum.
To find out more about the vast benefits of joining fin, please click on the benefits page in our website menu above and check out our testimonials below. 

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