Register of Nominees and Quality Directors

What is the Register of Nominees and Quality Directors? 
Why should I enrol? 

FIN’s Register of Nominees and Quality Directors is a national network of further education providers who have enrolled their information to our confidential database.   

Every further education provider in England who comes under the external scrutiny of Ofsted is invited, to enrol their organisation and appointed inspection nominee and quality managers to be a part of our register.   

Benefits of registering include:

  • Monthly detailed inspection analysis identifying trends and patterns to help our members understand the change in landscape and prepare for inspection. 
  • Reflection newsletter, discussing topical themes and updates. Available to download and share across your organization. 
  • Periodically receive complimentary invites to networking events and working groups.  
  • On occasion receive exclusive offers and discounts to CPD and training events.  

Members of the  Fellowship of Inspection Nominees, as well as accessing all our fantastic resources, training and networking events, have automatic registration to this new forum.  

To find out more about the vast benefits of joining FIN, please click on the benefits page in our website menu above and check out our testimonials below.  

Don’t miss out, click below now to enrol your organisation:  

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