Mastering employability, building resilience

Resilience among staff is increasingly important for employers. Kerry discusses teaching and measuring it as a means of improving workforce productivity while cultivating a culture of continuous learning. Developing employability skills is recognised as a critical component in education and training in improving people’s lives, enabling them to feel valued and contribute to society. The […]

‘Prepared, not scared’: Why Ofsted should rethink inspection training

The watchdog’s opposition to pre-inspection preparation and training is well-intentioned but harmful. Ofsted’s latest changes to its inspection handbook are a further acknowledgement that inspection processes are coming under intense scrutiny following the tragic loss of Ruth Perry. While Ofsted is taking steps to improve its internal practices and training, it is critical that nominees […]

2023 Review: Lessons for Providers from Ofsted Inspections

Consistency across programmes, personal development, careers guidance and governance feature in Kerry Boffey’s review of Ofsted inspections in 2023. Here at the Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN), we are looking forward to making a contribution to the new Ofsted chief inspector’s “big listen” when he starts in the new year. During the autumn, we invited […]

November Insights

Nationally, across the FE sector, the proportion of inspections RI or poor is slowly rising. Why? Is it that Ofsted is becoming more critical, provision is getting weaker or something completely different? Is there a pattern or a trend? The analysis is fascinating. When we ‘run the numbers’ again and look at FIN members for […]

How The Language of Learning Can Transform Apprenticeship Delivery

Just as a skilled musician adapts their performance to their audience’s preferences, trainers must adapt their language to resonate with learners’ unique motivations. In the ever-evolving landscape of education and training, the concept of “one-size-fits-all” no longer holds sway. In today’s diverse learning environments, recognising and harnessing the unique motivations of each individual is key […]

October Insights

At the end of September, our six-month data analysis indicates providers graded inadequate and requiring improvement are increasing, with over 28% of inspections from April to September appearing in this category. There is a greater focus on retention data and outcomes in more recent inspections. We know there is also government scrutiny of achievement rates, […]

The Inclusivity Advantage

How can you tell if the inclusivity you have within your organisation’s setting is leading to a positive culture, better safeguarding and stronger learner outcomes? Questions like these are enough to panic any organisation leader. The intangibility of many of the factors of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion makes answering these questions with any substance a […]

Member Spotlight – Sports Structures

We are delighted to share Sports Structures Education Community Interest Company’s recent inspection outcome, achieving Good in all areas of provision. This is a significant achievement for a new provider, and this is their story so far… Sports Structures joined The Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN) in 2019 before enrolling their first apprentices. As active […]

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