National Grid

The level of knowledge and experience in regards to Ofsted and the EIF is second to none

Pareto Law

FIN has changed my life for the better. Every resource that I have utilised and working group/training that I have attended has allowed me to come away and immediately implement a valuable resource and/or process into our provision.

Remit Group

Fin not only provides some great resources but also access to networking groups which allows you to share ideas and learning. Fin is a great resource for any provider looking for support for their nominee or their entire business.

Futures Group

Level of engagement is our own choice, can dip in and out depending on what else is happening in the business. Resources are excellent and are our first port of call when looking for something to bridge a gap in knowledge or resolve a problem.


The support that you get from other nominees is invaluable. The resources are current and useful, and you feel part of a wider, if very niche, community!

Umbrella Training

We achieved Grade 2 at inspection FIN were on the phone with us day and night, answering questions and giving us sound advice, we can’t thank them enough.

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