August Insights 2023

Many providers are quite content, or even relieved to hear final feedback stating ‘over all effectiveness is good’. But why should you be content, Ofsted will return in arung four years and the goal posts, or possible the whole pitch will have moved. As soon as inspectors leave begin preparations for their return. If the grade is less than good then FIN can help with post inspection action planning, and if the grade is good then work with FIN to become outstanding at the next visit.

What hinders providers from being outstanding? close reading of reports gives a few clues, for example: Governors have a good understanding of the strengths and areas for development. The key word is ‘good’ rather than excellent. Similar comments such as ‘most teachers’ – this infers not all. Consistency in quality assurance is vital to any successful outcome, but is often the barrier between good and outstanding. Inspection appears to veer towards the lowest common denominator, and if that;s just one programme with fewer numbers delivery could be evaluated as inconsistent and therefore a lower grade.

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