February Insights 2024

We’ve previously been critical of teacher education quality, and there’s little evidence it’s improving, as found in a large ITE provider report published just last week as inadequate. Teachers need our full support so the initial training needs to be at least good. “Leaders do not plan a curriculum that adequately informs trainees about the realities of teaching in the FE and Skills (FES) sector”. How can teachers give good feedback when on their ITE we read, “Trainees do not receive sufficient or suitable feedback on their teaching”.

The report stated for safeguarding, “Leaders do not carry out checks on the suitability of trainees to work in the FES sector. They inform trainees that they might need to obtain certain checks, such as those from the Disclosure and Barring Service. However, leaders do not realise that the trainee cannot do this themselves”.

It may be contentious to suggest, but if ITE is failing the sector, it is all the more reason for leaders to develop their own high-quality CPD to meet current and future needs.

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