Goodbye SAR, hello QIP

By the time you read this the deadline for uploading your self-assessment will have passed. Probably as you read published reports you skim over the very last paragraph, ‘Information about this inspection’. Here amongst other information it generally states something like, ‘ Inspectors took account of the provider’s most recent self-assessment report and development plans, and the previous inspection report’. There we have it in print, and quite clear inspection will evaluate the SAR or other plans. It is because the SAR is used to inform inspection we suggest it needs to be honest, as it will only take inspectors a few minutes to figure out where quality has been somewhat over stated!

With that in mind, although you may have uploaded your SAR it is possible to upload an amended version, and at inspection call make sure the lead inspector receives your latest version. what action needs to be taken, or is being taken to improve. Having an action in the QIP that doesn’t feature in the SAR may not be a good idea. A well structured improvement plan will outline the area for improvement, the action that needs to be taken to improve, and the most important element, how those improvements will be made. Including the ‘how’ is essential. Ideally all actions will have a single individual accountable, multiple people being responsible for an action is a sure way to ensure it doesn’t happen. Target dates should be realistic, where inspectors see all target dates around the same timeframe they may conclude the plan hasn’t been thought through.
Does the QIP need to focus on any of the common AFI listed?

  1. Careers advice and guidance.
  2. The ambitious curriculum.
  3. English & maths.
  4. Progress from starting points.

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