From OOF to WOOF: How to put a leash on apprenticeship completion dates

A major challenge that consistently plagues many providers is learners extending beyond their expected programme completion dates. This often leads to unfunded provision or, to use the jargon, out of funding (OOF).

So much so, in fact, that the language surrounding this issue has evolved from the painful-sounding OOF to an almost-exhausted WOOF (well out of funding) in the face of increasing durations far exceeding the norm.

This begs the question: why do these learners linger? Is the essence of the service still intact or have these learners become mere statistics in a bid to sidestep actual qualification achievement rates (QAR), at least momentarily?

The reasons behind learners’ programmes stretching beyond their intended timelines vary, yet common themes emerge across sectors. For those of us deeply involved in governance, we frequently deal with inquiries from providers about benchmarks, acceptable thresholds and strategies to address this pressing issue.

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