July Insights 2023

We frequently hear providers say their inspection experience wasn’t quite what they expected, if you haven’t been inspected recently, or inspected under the EIF, it’s perhaps understandable. Every inspection has a planning call with the lead inspector two days in advance of the actual inspection, use this opportunity to ask in detail what information the different inspectors will want to see, and take with a very large pinch of salt if thelead says we don’t ask for any more information – they most definitely do!
The revised Fin resource 6.210 may be a useful guide in preparing for the call.Not so long ago we saw frequent references in published reports to learners not receiving appropriate or relevant career advice, and while that is still the case there’s a slight change to broadening the wording. This extract is typical and notably doesn’t use the word ‘careers’. Leaders and managers do not ensure that the curriculum sufficiently enables learners to develop interests beyond their courses and future employment
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