June Insights 2023

Inspection Insights – Precise and incisive

We are seeing more use of the word ‘precise’ in published reports, here’s an example. 

“Teachers take a methodical approach to assessing students during lessons, through peer assessment, through weekly homework and through mock examinations. They provide precise feedback that helps students to understand what they have done well and what they need to do to improve.” 

While governance is fairly new to many ILP’s and for many still underdeveloped, we see an increasing expectation in inspection reports that governors are better involved and have a well developed understanding of the provision. 

What will it take for inspectors to make this comment about your governance. “Governors have extensive knowledge and expertise that they use incisively to hold senior leaders to account for the quality of provision.” 

Clearly Ofsted are refining their use of descriptors, the use of ‘incisive’ above is interesting. This begs a question around how well leaders are monitoring targets and learner work to ensure feedback is precise and that governance is incisive?

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