Member Spotlight – Hawk Training

Congratulations to our member Hawk Training who achieved outstanding overall in their Ofsted inspection.

Hawk Training is an independent training provider based in West London with over 20 years of experience delivering apprenticeships. The company works with over 400 different employers, teaching apprenticeships levels 2 to 5.

Apprentices receive outstanding support on their courses from their tutors to help them succeed on their programmes. This has created an extremely positive attitude towards studies along with commitment to training. With a high attendance level, students engage effectively during discussions with tutors and managers.

It was identified that leaders, managers and staff all ensure that the vast majority of apprentices benefit from a challenging and demanding curriculum. With this in mind, content for programmes has been thought out carefully to ensure that apprentices can build on existing, and gain new, knowledge and skills.

Tutors also give apprentices concise feedback in their reviews, which enables apprentices to know how well they have performed in the recent assessments and observations at work.

Leaders also provide effective professional development opportunities for their staff. Tutors will receive training on topics including apprentice-centred learning, and motivating apprentices to be successful. Support staff also receive access to a range of career-enhancing opportunities. As a result of this staff feel valued and are well equipped to undertake their job roles.

Hawk Training stated that “Overall it was a very positive experience. The FIN Inspection Bootcamp was a huge help and a confidence boost.” Some highlights of their inspection included:

“Deep dive: we had a team of 8 inspectors and they did deep dives across all 11 apprenticeship programmes.
Data: Inspectors considered QAR data alongside other key data such as outcomes, destinations, surveys, EPA results, and so on. Having key stats to hand and
ensuring everyone knows these was important.
Case studies: Having a broad range of case studies for different themes of the EIF was helpful. Offering inspectors, the opportunity to speak with those involved with the case study allowed some positive experiences to be captured.”

Hawk Training also went on to state that they were thankful for implementing the FIN checklists and using inspection insights to verify their own provisions in the build up to their inspection. They also underwent regular learner surveys to help better understand what their learners were thinking about their provisions.

Hawk Trainings Favourite FIN resources

  1. Let’s Talk resources – great for using in Progress Reviews
  2. All Inspection Preparation resources
  3. Checklists – helpful for key departments and individuals to audit their respective areas and ensure ready

To read Hawk Trainings full Ofsted report click here.

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