Member Spotlight – Sports Structures

We are delighted to share Sports Structures Education Community Interest Company’s recent inspection outcome, achieving Good in all areas of provision. This is a significant achievement for a new provider, and this is their story so far…

Sports Structures joined The Fellowship of Inspection Nominees (FIN) in 2019 before enrolling their first apprentices. As active members they joined collaborative activities, utilised FIN resources and reached out for support and advice along their journey. With a clear focus on their goals, Sports Structures achieved reasonable progress in all three areas at their first monitoring visit April 2022. Since then the leadership team have worked diligently to build on the strengths and continuously improve provision.  The full inspection report, accessible here highlighting the positive impact on learners potential, here are our thoughts;

Sports Structures can take pride in the ambition and career focus of their apprentices. The report highlights that apprentices are ambitious about what they can achieve in their careers and engage in discussions about their future aspirations. This demonstrates that Sports Structures is effectively instilling a sense of purpose and ambition in its apprentices, which is a crucial attribute for personal and professional growth. Learning about conflict resolution and emotional intelligence, applying these skills in real workplace situations builds more positive relationships at work, illustrating Sports Structures is not only imparting technical knowledge but also fostering important soft skills that are invaluable in career progression.

Sports Structures collaboration with employers, community organisations, and sector bodies to co-create curriculums ensures that the education provided aligns with industry needs and prepares apprentices with relevant skills and knowledge for the future. Strong partnerships between with employers benefits the apprentices. Examples include: conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and communication the valuable skills that can benefit learners throughout their lives and improve relationships at work.

Having watched closely the improvement journey so far, Sports Structures are right to be proud of it’s commitment to apprentices’ ambitions, the safe and supportive learning environment it provides, and its efforts to align curriculums with industry needs to date. Their Nominee and Shadow Nominee both attended the FIN bootcamp a few weeks before the full inspection, stating ‘it gave us the confidence to showcase what we were proud of and ensure we highlighted this to inspectors during the visit.’

We look forward to working with Sports Structures in the future, working through recommendations to further improve provision.

Sport Structures Favourite FIN Resources:

  • Quality Indicators: ‘Great to self-asses against!’
  • SAR & QIP Templates: ‘Really useful when initially building these documents.’

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