The Pressure of a Nominee

Last month brought the sad news of the tragic death of Ruth Perry, Head teacher at Caversham Primary School in Reading. There is nothing easy about working in the education sector, it’s hard work and can be very rewarding. Without doubt inspection is intense, a snap shot in time with so many potential variables. The inspection nominee is the most challenging role during inspection, bringing with it pressure and demands as so much rides on the outcomes.

At FIN we hear feedback first-hand from nominees and there is a wide range of experiences. Along with our in-depth inspection analysis we use this anecdotal feedback relating to the process, focus and behaviour of inspection teams to build a pattern and identify trends. We use this information to inform our resources, network meetings, CPD, advice and support to make sure your nominee has access to the most current information.

This month we want to draw your attention to three aspects of provision that are clearly linked, and frequently reported on negatively at inspection. These include: having high expectations, setting standards for acceptable behaviour, and expectations for acceptable levels of attendance.

High expectations

We’ve noticed in a few recent reports, comments on poor behaviour and behaviour management. How effectively are your leaders, tutors and coaches promoting high levels of attendance and personal behaviour as an essential employability skill?


Generally in apprenticeship provision attendance is rarely an issue, though it does crop up. College reports in particular, almost all comment negatively on attendance. Concerns also appear in some ILP classroom learning based provision. Apprentices generally attend well because their job can be on the line if they don’t, however classroom learners often need more incentive.

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